7:32am 01-24-2010
Ian Milburn
My grandfather was William Milburn. His father was Albert, and Albert's sister Lily married a Richard Irvin (a guestimate) in about 1895.
My grandfather William sadly died in 1923 but I have all his letters from 1913 thro' WW I, which I am trying to sort out and understand. He served as Second then the First Engineer on various ships, the Glendene, the Glencliffe, and the Alatrium. I also have the 'name flag' from the Strathgyle. I don't know, but I think some of these ships may have belonged to Richard Irvin and Sons Ltd. Any information would be gladly welcomed.
In 1959 (I know the date because the Mini was launched that Summer) I believe my father took us to visit Richard and Lily Irvin in South Shields. Is that possible ? I suppose they could still have been alive. Mr. Irvin had an Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire. Again any information would be welcome.
I'm so glad I found this site. I have a feeling I'm going to be back.
Incidentally my great grandfather was another William Milburn who was an associate of Sir James Knott in North Shields.
3:23am 01-12-2010
Tim Mallory
I have a long-term interest in Kerguelen, and am collecting links and images as I can find them. I appreciate the maps and photographs.
2:40am 01-03-2010
AnnMari Jahnke
Hi, COJ was an relative on my mothers side. She met him last time during WW2. I would be interessting in everthing concerning Carl Ossian and his family and also would like to get in contact with the I&J company. I visited the headoffice i Cape Town 1994.
5:21am 12-02-2009
Ann Caswell(Irvin)
Hi my name is Ann, Richard Irvin was my G.G.Grandfather, I live in North Shields, my husband has spent many hours research on the Irvin family tree, it would be nice to hear from any relatives that are out there.
10:41pm 05-03-2009
shirley bloomfield
I am a relative of Robert MacDougall trying to find out as much as possible about the family
10:42pm 03-26-2009
owerri egomu abauwa
great indeed.thanks.owerri egomu abauwa
4:47am 01-20-2009
Duncan Gohl
Enjoyed the history ! I'm the grandson of Captain Olaf Christian Mathiesen, whaling fleet skipper of Stavanger and later skipper for the Thesens Steamship Company of Knysna.
5:30am 10-06-2008
George Moar
Found early accounts of the whaling industry very interesting. Served aboard Salvesen whale catcher " Southern Foam" and factory ship "Southern Venturer "1947 to 1949 . At the time it was probably necessary but now with many old whalers we are stongly opposed to the barbaric slaughter of these beautiful animals/
4:23am 06-19-2008
Brian Lindley
great site. Thanks for preserving a little piece of history. My father spent some years towards the end of WW2 on the Southern Gem which was a whale catcher converted as a submarine chaser (not to be confused with the Suderoy VI which carried the Southern Gem name up to 1936 and also saw service in WW2). It operated off the African coast. It paid off in Cape Town. I'd love to know any details about her during and after the war. I often wonder what happened to her and wonder if anyone might have any surviving photos. All my dad has is one rather burred photo which he took.
He still looks back on his years in South Africa as the best time in his life,
Best Regards ... Brian
12:37am 05-17-2008
Olle Svenson
I am looking for what happened in Cape Town when S/S Plough and the 3 other ships returned from Kerguelen. Inprisoned for mutiny? My Father was a elephant seal hunter on S/S Plough 1920-1921. Are there any official document available?
Many Thanks for any help
5:50am 05-11-2008
Bridget Ann Irvin
I am lookingt for any one who knew Captain David Irvin British Indian Army. His brother George Driver Irvin was living in Umkomass aprox 1955 After the war David lived in Harrismith untill his death.
Many thanks.
10:31am 04-12-2008
So beautiful!!!
My family is from Moçâmedes, Namibe.
Thanks for sharing,
5:08am 03-28-2008
Simon Watt
Hi. I am the grandson of Norman Watt who was once a shipping director for this company. I have an identical brass model harpoon gun and you might be interested to know he wrote a book on whaling (not published). My grandmother Dorothy launched the Southern Princess in 1929.
6:50am 03-01-2008
Bridget Ann Irvin
Daughter of Captain David Irvin British Indian Army.
Looking for imformation on my fathers history.
5:10am 12-23-2007
John Henry
From 1969 to 1991 I worked for Dept. of Sea Fisheries. We used the old station at Donkergat as a base for marine
research in Saldanha Bay. There were then a couple of old whale catchers moored up there, Terriers IV and Terrier V? . The area was later taken over by the military. I have enjoyed reading your history.
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