9:00am 11-14-2007
Heather Walker
How wonderful to have all this information. I am not having much luck with regard to my grandfather who was a sailor on commercial trawlers out of Cape Town from 1880 to 1910. His name was Karl Karsen and we think he came from Germany-- bit of a mystery man
2:04am 10-12-2007
Duncan Bridger
I am Marketing Director for Richard Irvin & Sons Limited and have been with the Company for over 20 years. Apart from my obvious interest in the Company through my employment I had an Uncle who was a deck-hand on the Irvin fishing fleet.
8:04pm 08-18-2007
obosi maga
pls obosi is there now
8:14pm 04-14-2007
Rosalie Enstrom
I was very interested in this article as I have been trying to trace our grandfather Bror Emil Hjalmar Enstrom (Harry) for some time and believed that he may have been involved in the industry late 1890's.
11:32pm 03-22-2007
Katrina Christian
I have been looking into my 'genes' and am almost certain that Richard Irvin b. 1853 is a first cousin 4 times removed, so was very interested in this article.Would like to know more about the family, if anyone can help?
Many thanks
5:55am 03-05-2007
Judith Charlton
I have made a copy of the book called the Irvin and Johnson Story, compiled by Eric Rosenthal. I am Richard Irvin`s great grand daughter, and George Driver Irvin`s, grandaughter.My father was John Lional Irvin,George`s second son, I am Peter Irvin Charlton`s mother. He told me about you, and if you would like a copy of this book, I will send it to you?
8:36pm 02-15-2007
Jonathan Raw

My name is Jonathan Raw. I am a great grandson on Richard Irvin. My grandmother was Ethel May Irvin, who was a sister of George (known in the family as Jack). Ethel went to Cape town to visit Jack. While there she met her future husband, Stuart Mackintosh MacPherson, who was a dentist(I think). His came originally from Edinburgh where his family owned an hotel. Stuart MacPherson won the Open golf championship in 1912/13 season. I have the trophy which carries the Mappin & Webb hallmark, London. I have other trophies also. He was awarded the MBE which won for "tending the wounded under fire". I have the medal.
Ethel had two daughters, Sheila and Elspeth(born 1924). Stuart died in 1928 and Ethel returned to England.
I have visited the Aberdeen offices of Richard Irvin & sons, and was welcomed into the boardroom which has not changed since the 1880s. A painting of Richard Irvin hangs at the end of the room. I have a similar picture. I also have some masonic regalia belonging to Richard Irvin. There is also a silver gilt key which was given to Mrs Irvin when she opened the Mission Hall in North Sheilds.
I do remember my grandmother telling me a story on a number of occasions. She recalled her father coming home for lunch and telling his wife that he had had a cable from Jack. His wife replied "what did he say?", "he wants ten thousand pounds", "are you going to send it?" she asked. "I have sent it" came the reply.
I was told that this was the money used to start his fishing business.
I hope this is of interest.

Jonathan Raw
4:21am 01-27-2007
Tony Banning
My wife and I were today given a copper "ship store merchant's lamp" with the Richard Irvin & Son's name plate with the number 462 stamped on it! Curiosity led me to the web and here am I, wondering what the history is behind such a lantern. It must have belonged to somebody living close to Durban, in South Africa, because it landed up at an auction there, and a relative bought it for us because we collect antiques. If I may have access to an Email address, I could take a couple of pictures and mail them to you should you be interested. Perhaps my question is, could this lamp have belonged to one of the three boats which came to South Africa ?
Kind regards, Tony Banning
5:01am 12-12-2006
Peter Irvin Charlton
I am the great great grandson of Richard Irvin. I have a minature brass whale harpoon replica, that is dated 1919, and was given by the Southern Whaling and Sealing Co., presented to my great grandfather George Driver Irvin. I was happy to find all of this information on the web.... thanks!

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