5:17pm 09-26-2011
8:51am 09-22-2011
cheryl watson-tebbut
(Irvine and Johnston)........this was before 1911

he was from Scotland...........................he was ENGLISH JOCK......
well know fisheman........................

cheryl in South Norwood- London...ex Durban/Johannesburg....
8:47am 09-22-2011
I would love to fidn out about a vessel called the PIONEER from Scotland
my relation was on this vessel I believe...he went to S.A. BEFORE 1911
to Irvin and Johnston.......................THINK THIS VESSEL WAS DESIGNED BY Swede......................
cheryl ex Durbn/Johannesburg now in London
8:44am 09-22-2011
I AM LOOKING FOR THE PIONEER VESSEL from Scotland and a skipper called Jock/John.......................he went to south africa before 1911

can anyone help???
cheryl in London
4:49am 08-09-2011
Peter John Makka
My Grandfather work at this whaling stations at Donkergat, Langebaan and the one at Bettiesbay. Beautifull photos of some of the whale stations and whales. Look for more info about, David, Hennie and Peter Makka . They use to work for this company.


1:33pm 07-14-2011
Jessi Thompson
I just purchased a "Port" lantern. The stamp on it says Richard Irvin & Sons Ltd Ship Chandlers & Tinsmiths -BUCKIE-. Looking for any information on this piece.
5:20am 03-07-2011
I've just found this site and am just browsing the info. My interest is from the early to late 50's when I was a deckie-learner, deckie, deckie trimmer, sailiong for Richard Irvine, on various boats.
11:36pm 02-21-2011
Ulf I. Gustafsson

My name is Ulf I. Gustafsson & I am working on my PhD-thesis which includes the former whaling station at Prince Olav Harbour and the companies which operated it. I would be very interested in getting in contact with anyone who would be willing to share information about the persons behind the companies, and anything relating to the activities in South Georgia (technology, ships, employees, working conditions aso)

I have myself visited, and stayed at Prince Olav Harbour for a period of three weeks in 2009, during which me and my collegues surveyed and mapped the entire area.

Hope to hear from you!
Kind regards
2:14am 12-29-2010
M G B Ennis
I believe I am the last apprentice Fitter from Shields Engineering, leaving in 1962, to go to sea as an Engineer with Clan Line, and I also have the complete list of all the vessels they Engined, except for war builds,
At the same time I also have a large photo collection of the Yard as it was and how it is now, and the some of the ships, including the C.O J and the G D I. and I suspect these were also Sealers
2:21am 09-27-2010
Malcolm Barton
Diesel catcher COJ was defintiely south in the 1911/12 season as I had an envelope from South Georgia postmarked February 7 1912 addressed to Mrs R.Lee, 3 Adamsons Buildings, Walker Place, North Shields.
Hope this helps.
5:01am 06-28-2010
Strandler Jan
Second cousine to the children of Ossian Johnson in his first marriage. The whole history about the entrepreneur Ossian Johnson do fashinate me.
12:30am 06-16-2010
Paul Escoe
Please send info on transportation to the island
7:28am 04-02-2010
Doug Cowx
I sailed into Prince Olaf harbour the day that King Olaf died in 1991. Its a wonderful place.

Doug Cowx
12:05am 03-16-2010
peter zeck
I am trying to find pertinet information regaring a copper starboard gas ship's lantern manufactured by Richard Irwins and sons of Petershead Scotland, originaqlly of Aberdeen and North Shields
3:56am 01-29-2010
Kerryn Irvin
Trying to make contact with Bridget Ann Irvin who is looking for information on David Irvin. My father in law is the son of David Irvin.
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